subject: saturn
date : 2009-03-04-22h37
optics: skywatcher-newton-254
imager: ToUCamPro
notes :

SkyWatcher 254mm à F/D=28, projection oculaire ultima 12,5mm et tele-extender Baader, ToUCam ProII couleurs optimisées. Turbulence notable. 5 images/s, exposition 1/33e sec.

SkyWatcher 254mm at f/d=28, eyepiece projection ultima 12.5mm and Baader tele-extender, ToUCam ProII optimized colors. Noticeable turbulence. 5 images/s, 1/33th sec. exposure.

Avec filtre anti UV-IR Baader. 22h37 TU.

With Baader UV-IR blocking filter.